Trampoline House contributes to Festival for Fair Asylum

Trampoline House will open again Tuesday, April 22, after the Easter Holiday. We have a great program for you with lots of super activities and services (see the Calendar for more details).

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And on Saturday, April 26, Trampoline House and Women’s Club are contributing to Festival for Fair Asylum, which is a part of the 2-day 48 Timer Festival on Nørrebro. We will do a presentation about Trampoline House, make a community kitchen, and run a pay-what-you-can hair salon. The festival takes place at MellemRummet, Ravnsborggade 11, 2200 København N, from 2–10 pm.

Join us there and meet other organizations like us working to improve the conditions for refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark!

Short week because of the Easter Holiday

This week, Trampoline House is only open Tuesday and Wednesday. From Thursday to Monday next week, the house is closed because of the Easter Holiday.

But we have good stuff on the program those two days, for instance:
House Meeting (Tuesday, 4–5 pm) – Everyday Arabic Conversation class (Tuesday, 6–7 pm) – Yoga (Wednesday, 2–3:30 pm) – Comics workshop (Wednesday, 4–6 pm) – Legal Counseling (Wednesday, 5–7 pm).

You can read more about all our events, activities, and services at our website Calendar. Everything is free. Hope to see you!


Photo: Last week, the new cleaning coordinators had to have their meeting in the corridor in front of the toilets because all other rooms in the house were occupied. GOOD THING WE ARE MOVING TO A BIGGER SPACE SOON!

Everyday arabic class, comics workshop, and much more…

We have a super program this week. For instance:

  • Our new intern Hicham will start a Everyday Arabic Conversation class (Tuesdays, 6–7 pm).
  • A group of art students will do a comics workshop (April 9, 16, 23 & 30, 4–6 pm).
  • Volunteer Gerlie is inviting all the women in the house to join her 2nd kitchen workshop (Saturday, 4–7 pm).
  • And all the cleaners and cleaning coordinators in the house are invited to a planning meeting (Wednesday, 5–6:30 pm).

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To read more about all our events, activities, and services this week, please check the Calendar.

Everything is free. Hope to see you!

Staying in old Trampoline House one more month

Breaking news!

For different reasons, the move to the new Trampoline House on Thoravej 7 has been delayed.

Therefore, Trampoline House will stay in Skyttegade 3 during the month of April.
We will offer the usual activities and services. This week, for instance, we offer an Introduction Workshop for New Volunteers (Wednesday, 5–6:30 pm) and a Lecture about the Danish Asylum System (Friday, 4–6 pm). For further program details, please see the Calendar.

We look forward to seeing you all! And will keep you updated on the moving situation.

Trampoline House team


Photo: Impression from the Kitchen Workshop for Women’s Club, March 15.


Packing & Moving

On April 1, Trampoline House will move to a bigger and better space on Thoravej 7 in Copenhagen North West. For a long time, we have been in need of more class rooms, counseling rooms, office space, and a professional kitchen in order to develop and improve our services and activities.

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So this whole week (Monday to Friday from 9 am–5 pm), we will be cleaning and packing down the old Trampoline House in Skyttegade 3 and making construction work in the new space.

All other activities and services are cancelled the whole week! Please join us if you have time. People in practice will get their usual two transportation tickets a week for helping out.

Write a postcard to the Danish Prime Minister, visAvis launch, anti-racism demos, and much more…

Trampoline House has a lot to offer this week.

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On Wednesday (3–5 pm), Copenhagen-based Malay artist Amir Zainorin invites all users in Trampoline House to participate in his postcard workshop, where you can write a postcard to the Danish Prime Minister if you have something you would like to tell her about your situation as a refugee or asylum seeker in Denmark or about something else. All the postcards will be incorporated in an exhibition Amir is having at the Danish Immigration Museum in Farum, opening May 16.

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On Friday (6–11 pm), the magazine on asylum and migration, visAvis, will launch its issue #9 in the house. There will be dinner at 6 pm, presentation of and readings from the magazine at 7 pm, and a bar, music, and dancing until 11 pm.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 14.37.39

And on Saturday, which is the United Nation’s International Anti-Racism Day, there is a number of demonstrations and gatherings taking place all over Copenhagen. If you are interested in joining, check these links for more info:

To read more about all the events, activities, and services taking place in Trampoline House this week, please check the Calendar.

Everything is free. Hope to see you!

Photo course, Legal counseling, Kitchen Workshop for Women, and much more…

Left and right: Impressions from the weekly House Meeting.


Again, a super program this week with lots of interesting events. For instance, don’t miss the House Meeting, with an update from Danish Refugee Council on changes in Danish asylum policies and legislation (Tuesday, 4–5:30 pm), Kitchen Workshop for Women (Saturday, 4–7 pm), or Krump Dance Workshop (Sunday, 12–3 pm).

And as always, we offer different language classes (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday), Help & Information Café (Tuesday 6–7 pm & Friday, 3–6 pm), Photography Course (Wednesday, 4–6 pm), and Legal Counseling (Wednesday, 5–7 pm).

Please note that yoga is cancelled Wednesday and Saturday this week. Furthermore, Saturday’s Youth Club is closed until May 3 because of restructuring.

To read more about all the events, activities, and services, please check the Calendar.

Everything is free. Hope to see you!

Help Café, Volunteer Intro Workshop, Lecture about Danish Asylum System, Swap Market, and much more…

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Left: Clothes Swap Market in Women’s Club on Saturday. Right: Live Concert with Alai on Friday.

We have a packed program this week with lots of interesting events:
House Meeting (Tuesday), Introduction Workshop for New Volunteers (Wednesday), Lecture about the Danish Asylum System (Friday), live concert with the orchestra Alai (Friday), and Clothes Swap Market (Saturday).

We also offer many different activities and services this week:
Language classes (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday), Help Café (Tuesday & Friday), Photography Course (Wednesday), and Legal Counseling (Wednesday).

Please note that yoga on Wednesday will take place from 1-2:30 pm and that Saturday’s Youth Club is closed until May 3 because of restructuring.

Also, staff member Tone is giving a presentation about Trampoline House in Olso on Tuesday, March 4. You can read more about the event at

Everything is free. Hope to see you!

Volunteer Care & Share Workshop this Wednesday

Left: Trampoline House’s football team.                             Right: Yoga for women in Women’s Club


Please join us for another great week in Trampoline House with lots of interesting events on the program. Apart from all our usual services and activities (which you can read more about on the website Calendar), we are introducing a new “Volunteer Care & Share Workshop” for all our volunteers, interns, and coordinators on Wednesday from 7:15–9:15 pm.

The workshop is facilitated by volunteering psychotherapist Anette Jensen and is intended to provide a forum, where volunteers can talk openly about the challenges they experience in the house when working with people living under such extreme pressure as people living in the Danish asylum camps. If you want to attend, please email Anette at

Hope to see you!

Trampoline House is open again

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Trampoline House is open again after the winter vacation. Thanks to funding from Immigration Service and OAK Foundation Denmark, we have been able to extend our opening hours and program. So, Trampoline House is now open four days a week – Tuesday 1–7 pm, Wednesday 1–7 pm, Friday 1–11 pm, and Saturday 12–7 pm – and is proud to introduce the following new services and activities:

  • Two Danish language classes a week (Tuesdays, 3–4 pm, Wednesdays 4–5 pm)
  • Two English language classes a week (Wednesdays 3–4 pm, Fridays 3–4 pm)
  • Homework Café (Tuesdays 6-7 pm) where you can get help doing your Danish or English homework, having documents translated, or scanning and emailing documents to the authorities or family members
  • Information Café (Fridays 3–6 pm, except the first Friday of the month), where staff members and volunteers are ready to help you with all kinds of asylum related questions: making a CV, preparing for your asylum interview with Immigration Service, writing a job application, or applying for an education program
  • Knit Club for women only (every first Saturday of the month, 12–3 pm), which will offer workshops on how to knit and card and spin wool from organic sheep

Please visit the Calendar for detailed program information.